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Twelve Trade Show Marketing Tips That Drive Results

Trade shows are the go-to option for generating lots of face-to-face encounters with highly qualified prospects and customers. These easy-to-implement trade show marketing tips are also some of the best at filling your booth with the right attendees and boosting your results.

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How to Succeed with Event App Gamification: Seven “Must Have” Elements

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Top event apps draw a broad audience through a variety of appealing features. Read on to learn the best gamification features you can include to activate more of your attendees. Everyone loves a good game. They satisfy basic psychological needs such as connecting with others, exercising free choice and enjoying personal achievement. It’s no wonder event app gamification is one of the fastest growing methods of boosting attendee engagement. Succeeding...
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Boost Attendee Engagement

20 Tips To Boost Attendee Engagement With Your Event Application

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A thoughtfully designed event application builds pre-event anticipation, deepens on-site engagement and strengthens post-event connections – all top attendee engagement objectives. We’ve collected twenty ways you can leverage your event application to improve attendee engagement with content, speakers, sponsors, other attendees and you.

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Archived Articles

Cloud Technology for Event Planning

Who needs binders full of event details when you can have it all at the touch of your fingers? Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud apps have made this possible. They are a must-have in the event planning industry.

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5 Event Activities for Corporate Holiday Parties

Holiday Season is just around the corner. Shiloh Events shares tips on how to plan the best party of the year! Event Planning at its core. Read more.

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San Francisco’s Top Event Venues for 2013 Holiday Parties

San Francisco has always been the focal city of the Bay Area, California. So what better place to celebrate this year’s holiday season than San Francisco, the city with the most popularity and pizzazz? But…

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Event Planning: Tips for Healthy Menu

People love eating. Plain and simple. And they want to eat good food too! Whether you are hosting a business, entertainment, or charity event, the food and beverages selection will ALWAYS be an indicator of…

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Unconventional Corporate Outings and Team Building Events

Corporate managers are starting to catch on that their employees no longer want to do the typical team building activities. Instead, a new wave of corporate outings is taking over. If your company is catching…

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Go “Green” with Your Event!

Yes! Everything today is going “green”. Actually, mostly everything is already “green” (environmentally friendly) – -so why not your events? No matter the type of event, there is a lot of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. And most of those ways does not require much!

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Which Event Registration Tools to Use?

There are many different approaches when it comes to registration tools for event planning; too many! It can get confusing at times when deciding which tools to use. In this day and age there are…

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