Announcing new brand and expanded capabilities for tech-industry corporate, entertainment, and non-profit events.

Shiloh Rebrand Puts People, Precision, and Passion at the Center of Event Management

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Shiloh Events unveiled its new corporate rebranding initiative today.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shiloh Events is a full-service agency dedicated to delivering
integrated, stress-free event management services to corporate technology companies, entertainment
entities, and non-profit organizations.

Why Rebrand?

While companies often rebrand to reflect strategic changes in market positioning, Shiloh Events’ rebranding goes beyond that threshold by introducing new capabilities that prioritize the experiences of the clients, attendees and sponsors at the heart of every event. The selection of Shiloh Events promises that each experience will be precisely managed with expertly-directed operations, efficient processes, and unparalleled creativity.

Shiloh delivers event management peace of mind, alleviating burdens by working closely with clients to serve and deliver unique experiences to every attendee, sponsor, partner, and speaker with the very best event possible.

New Logo Explained

Shiloh Events’ new brand and logo feature softer, complementary shades of blue and green, evoking feelings of calm and confidence. The fresh, simple, smooth sides of the triangle underscore the principles at the heart of Shiloh Events: People, Precision and Passion.

The sides of the triangle flow effortlessly into one another, just as the organization’s values merge to ensure client satisfaction, before, during and after events.

The triangle is also a symbol of strength, stability, and harmony. Shiloh Events has built their reputation on bringing those same traits to events.

Old Shiloh Logo

Enhanced Event Services

While Shiloh’s initial service offerings focused primarily on event management and logistics, they soon found that their corporate technology clients often invited greater strategic leadership and planning support. In order to meet those needs and elevate the profile of client events, Shiloh Events has broadened their offerings into new areas including digital event marketing, creative services and event-technology integration.

This expansion of service capabilities, the enhancement of existing offerings with innovative ideas, new technologies and cutting-edge processes, and a tactical realignment of team competencies has enriched Shiloh Events’ portfolio of capabilities, and demonstrates that they are responsive, competitive and knowledgeable experts in the field of event production and management.

Clients can now benefit from a broader spectrum of comprehensive event management and marketing services including…

Existing Event Services

Project Management and Logistics
Event Design and Implementation
Sponsorship Procurement & Management
Exhibit Hall Management
Attendee Engagement and Management
Audience Engagement Program
Attendee Transportation
Hotel Management and Negotiations
Pre-Event and On-site Logistics
Registration Strategies and Management
Vendor Management
Venue Management
Entertainment and Speaker Procurement
Post-Event Reporting

Enhanced Event Services

Pre-event Planning and Strategy
Program Development & Event Branding
Event Marketing
Digital Marketing
Marketing Operations
Marketing Communications
Demand Generation
Onite Staff
Event Venue & Meeting Rooms Management

Event Services World Wide

Beyond Borders

Not limited by geographic boundaries or limits, Shiloh Events continues to serve clients locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and globally, providing worldwide strategic and operational support for today’s most popular event types. Whether hosting corporate events such as annual user conferences, sales kick-offs, incentive programs, or product launches, or heading up the fundraising gala for a non-profit institution, in- house planning professionals can count on Shiloh Events to produce an unforgettable event, featuring the highest levels of service, operations and client support.