March 19, 2018

Every event needs to drive high-quality attendee engagement. Here’s twenty ways to use your event application to foster meaningful experiences, interactions, and connections.

A thoughtfully designed event application builds pre-event anticipation, deepens on-site engagement and strengthens post-event connections – all top attendee engagement objectives.

We’ve collected twenty ways you can leverage an event application to improve engagement with content, speakers, sponsors, other attendees and you.

Enhance attendee engagement pre-event

1. Deliver important pre-conference FAQs

2. Publish detailed speaker & session information for review

3. Introduce a chatbot to answer pre-event questions 24/7

4. Tease your audience with hints of fun to come

Boos attendee engagement before an event

Enhance attendee engagement with content and speakers

5. Offer personalized agenda building

6. Share slides for note-taking

7. Allow attendees to download & save favorite documents

8. Integrate audience polling in presentations

Boost attendee engagement with event speakers

Enhance attendee engagement with sponsors

9. Align relevant offers with interested attendees

10. Ease appointment scheduling between exhibitors and attendees

11. Offer a click-through to learn more about sponsors

12. Use geofencing and location-based messaging to let attendees know what is nearby

Enhance attendee engagement with other attendees

13. Share a full attendee list

14. Let attendees build custom profiles

15. Facilitate contacting other attendees with private messaging

16. Create a private social network to promote sharing photos & ideas

Enhance attendee engagement with you

17. Send push notifications alerting attendees to what’s happening next

18. Request feedback on sessions and activities with real-time surveys

19. Update program and content changes as they occur

20. Encourage conversations with regular posts to the event’s private social feed

Boost attendee engagement with you

One more thing

Adding gamification to an event app can further incentivize attendees to spend time exploring everything the event has to offer. Stay tuned for our next blog to discover the must-have elements of successful event application gamification.

How do you boost attendee engagement?

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