April 22, 2015

Who needs binders full of event details when you can have it all at the touch of your fingers? Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud apps have made this possible. They are a must-have in the event planning industry. SaaS cloud apps allows for access to all your event details and operations from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This technology has truly simplified the event planner’s life. Printing and emailing reports are now ancient tasks.

In the 21st century, event planners can efficiently provide end users with reports and information that they need and nothing more. All available with SaaS cloud apps. Planners are also blessed with the ability to collaborate and share information with speakers and attendees by integrating their email marketing system. Furthermore, planners are now able to link up their event management system with their customer relationship management system, as available through Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the most notable SaaS cloud apps. It offers an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) system, among other applications. Other prominent SaaS cloud apps include iCloud, GoogleApps, Oracle, Microsoft Office 365 and more.

An additional benefit of using a SaaS cloud app is the potential to reduce IT support costs. Using a SaaS cloud app outsources the maintenance and support to the SaaS provider.

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