November 22, 2021

Help keep your event staff healthy when traveling this winter with a Covid-19 safety kit. 

With higher vaccination rates and lower overall COVID-19 infection numbers, travel and in-person events are safer than they have been for a long time. Taking safety precautions to prevent illness remains important, however, especially when gathering people from different parts of the country and world. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus and to get vaccinated. In addition, the CDC recommends everyday preventive actions such as wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently when in public.

As Team Shiloh has returned to public events, we’ve put together our own COVID-19 safety kit to help our staff stay healthy when working on-site. Here are the items we carry in our COVID-19 safety kit.

Disposable face masks

Disposable masks provide a reminder that your mask should be changed out each wearing. Using an ASTM-rated mask assures a level of protection and allows you to choose the protection best for your needs. We equip staff with a package of ASTM 3 disposable masks for each event.

Cloth face masks

Double masking, wearing two masks, helps protect against the threat of the most contagious variants of COVID-19. Adding layers or double-masking reduces the number of droplets containing the virus that can get through. Using a cloth mask over a surgical mask has been shown to block 84.5% of cough particles. Team Shiloh is also equipped with cloth masks.

branded cloth mask

Hand sanitizer

The CDC recommends washing your hands often with soap and water when you have been in a public place. When soap and water are not available, the next best thing is using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. We like this keychain version which can double as a belt clip so it’s always available.

Disinfecting wipes

Event staff come into contact with many high-touch surfaces when traveling, staying in hotels, and working on-site. A pack of disinfectant wipes makes it easy to wipe down shared surfaces on the go. We carry Bleach-free Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes which are EPA-registered to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Covid-19 antigen self-test

Event safety dictates that if we wake up in the morning with the sniffles we need to rule out COVID-19 before we board an airplane or start mixing with other event attendees. A rapid COVID test can also give peace of mind that we were not infected when someone else at an event comes down with COVID-19. This FDA approved COVID-19 test takes just 15 minutes and can be done anytime, anywhere

Self-care items

In the event someone’s on the road and not feeling great, self-care items are nice to have on hand. Our kits include Kleenex, Emergen-C Immune Plus Packets, Cough Drops, Yogi tea Echinacea Immune Support, and Yogi Tea Throat Comfort for self-care when someone is not 100%.

Keep it handy

When you’re on the go all day at an event, it’s important to have a way to keep all these items handy. We pack ours up in this stylish Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. This black bag blends with onsite staff attire and is a great size. Lots of pockets make it easy to carry masks, hand sanitizer, wallet, and phone so everything is with us when we need it during events.

Handy belt bag

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