February 22, 2013

Go “green” with your event!

Yes! Everything today is going “green”. Actually, mostly everything is already “green” (environmentally friendly) – -so why not your events? No matter the type of event, there is a lot of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. And most of those ways does not require much!

Say you are planning a corporate party of some sort. Anything that requires an invitation. Remember, invitations are the first thing people see and the first impression of your event. We have to get them excited! Now a days, instead of printed invitations, it is way too easy to create an online invitation. Check out websites like Evite and apps like Redstamp; you can create/design an invite, email/share it, and they will keep track of RSVPs for you! With Redstamp you can even print the invite, if you so desire. Other options would be to design it yourself and email it out. For example, you could design an infographic invite with all the necessary details — it will be eye-catching and paperless! Sometimes certain events will still require a paper invitation. In that case, consider using vegetable- or soy-based ink or recyclable paper.

The next item on our list is the food. Food is very important to people. A great way to keep your event “green” is to serve organic and locally grown food. There are many caterers who serve strictly organic, but it can be pricey. Don’t feel pressured to serve only organic food, (unless your client requests it!) you could always do half organic and half non-organic. Another small detail to keep it “green” is to offer water and other drinks in pitchers as opposed to an individual bottle which might not get disposed of correctly. At least its something!

If your event requires decorations, LED lights are the way to go! Decorating with lights looks classy and modern. LED lights are eco-friendly because they emit more light per watt and radiate less heat. Other environmentally friendly decorating options would be to use eco-friendly candles. Float some in a vase of water to create an easy and classic centerpiece. Whether it is a corporate holiday party or a summer company picnic, don’t forget to set up recycle bins throughout the venue. Also, encourage your guests to use them!

Practically everyone has a smartphone or wifi-enabled device that they carry around with them. Instead of printing handouts for everyone at your meeting or presentation, notify attendees to “BYOD”, or “bring your own device.” Post your important documents online or email them out so the attendees can download and follow along. Your meeting will flow smoothly and might even save a tree!

Going “green” with your event is not only beneficial for the environment, it can be good for business! Many people will appreciate your concern for the environment and will use your services again. If you want to go “green” with your next event, contact
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