March 14, 2013

Corporate managers are starting to catch on that their employees no longer want to do the typical team building activities. Instead, a new wave of corporate outings is taking over. If your company is catching this wave, then the team outing would be NOTHING like what you’ve seen before.

There are three important things to keep in mind to increase employee moral: creativity, motivation and problem solving, for the team outing or team building event. If you are open to trying something different and unique that still incorporates these three goals, below are some great ideas that Shiloh Event Management has come across to liven up your corporate team outing, or team building events:

Team bonding at Drum Café: Here you will learn that each person has a special beat to their own drum enhancing the group as a unit. Their corporate event programs are designed to spark unity, thus increasing determination, loyalty, and positive attitude. Study shows that this brings emotional involvement and can positively affect overall job performance. Check out a place like the Drum Café for more info!

Playing with Fire: Building creativity is becoming an extremely important aspect to the business environment. Fighting fire with fire is never a good idea, but playing with fire alongside one another could be a great way to build a stronger bond between co-workers in your team building events. Check out places like The Crucible. Here, they bring corporate teams in to make glass sculptures, create steel objects, or many more options. These activities enhance cohesiveness and workability between members. They always say two heads are better than one!

Paintballing: This means war! A fun war! Take your team to a Paintballing range. This type of outing will bring team members into survival mode where they fight to “stay alive” with the assistance from one another. Creating an environment with a little adrenaline boost can be fun and also helps employees understand the importance of depending on another when the heat is on. Check out places like Santa Clara Paintball for more info!

Charity Runs: Coworkers can bond by encouraging them to fight a cause as a group. Sign your team up for a charity run where they will exercise as a group instead of staying in the office all day. This will make everyone understand the importance of supporting others while standing alongside your coworkers proudly.

Here’s a list of upcoming charity runs in the Bay Area:

If you are trying to stay in the office, try one of these small activities as a little pick-me-up.

Back-to-back drawing game. In this game, communication is key and the drawings are hysterical. Place two team members back to back and have one explain what to draw with only descriptions while the others uses their imagination to create the image. The creativity juices start to flow once employees become more motivated. This will open everyone’s eyes to the idea that each individual brings something different and unique to the group. Learn More

Great Egg Drop. Employees are put into teams and they must build a contraption that will protect an egg being dropped from the top of the office. They will only be allowed to use office supplies to build their contraction. Having a team building exercise that encourages peers to problem solve outside of the box is going to help break down barriers by problem solving and promote the overcoming of difficult obstacles during projects. Breaking down barriers will, in itself, increase productivity.

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