February 4, 2013

There are many different approaches when it comes to registration tools for event planning; too many! It can get confusing at times when deciding which tools to use. In this day and age there are so many options that allow everything you need to be exactly where you need it. Which online registration tool is the right one to choose? The answer to that question depends on the type of event you are planning. At Shiloh Event Management, our goal is cultivate success for our clients, so the tools we use depend on our clients’ objectives. Is your event complex? Does it require a payment from the attendees? Do you need to integrate the registration information into your database? Whatever it may be, you must prioritize your needs and do your research! Now, what are some tools you can use?

Here’s one: Cvent is a SaaS company that provides event management tools for event planners. Cvent’s sophisticated web-based system grants planners the ability to establish an event online, send invitations and gather fees and registrations. It can also support multi-day and multi-track events. Not only will it feed details into your database, Cvent will also incorporate flawlessly into your website. With that said, it is not only for simple and straightforward events, it is mainly specialized for complicated ones. There is a hefty set-up fee to use Cvent; which means you’re in it for the long haul. Though the setup fee is substantial, the investment is worth it!

Another event registration tool to consider is Acteva. Acteva’s services are not as complex and flexible as Cvent’s; however, their offerings can be quite valuable to organizers of meetings, fundraisers, tradeshows, trainging programs and many other types of events. Acteva provides easy-to-use online registration and payment management solutions. It also allows for communication with registrants, incentives and options for preferred pricing. Acteva’s focus is on attendee satisfaction—which, of course, is what we event planners strive for!

Cvent and Acteva are examples of registration tools for bigger and more complex events. If you need a quick, one-time fix of an event registration tool, then you will want to use one the following. Google Checkout and PayPal are the most basic options for event registrations. They are quick and inespensive to use. If you are looking for a little more functionality you can use Eventbrite. Eventbrite is one of the most popular options available. It is simple and easy to use. Although payment is less integrated, Eventbrite allows planners to create registration forms, conduct surveys, cap the number of attendees and post your event with ease onto other sites. It is also free to use if you are planning a free event. Which means you can use it for everything from private parties to non-profit and community fundraising events. Another cool feature is that you can sign in with Facebook and see which events your friends are attending.

These online registration tools are not the only ones. There are many other options such as Event Elephant, 123Signup, RegOnline, Eventbee and amiando. Choose wisely!

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