February 15, 2023

Sales kickoffs are important events for businesses to come together and plan the upcoming year. It’s an opportunity to look at the successes of last year and set new goals. There’s a lot of strategizing that needs to be done, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. In fact, sales kickoffs should be fun as well as productive – if it’s engaging, participants will be more likely to retain what they learned! Let’s look at some ways you can make your next sales kickoff a memorable experience.

1. Make it interactive:

Sales kickoffs are a great opportunity to build team spirit and strengthen relationships among your sales team. Encourage attendees to mingle and get to know one another by organizing activities that allow for informal interaction, such as team-building exercises, cocktail parties, or other social events

That’s why interactivity is key to keeping attendees engaged. Consider incorporating interactive elements into your presentations, such as group activities. This will help break up the monotony of sitting and listening, and will allow attendees to participate and feel more connected to the content. Additionally, group activities help attendees get to know each other better and create camaraderie among team members. One of our favorite team activities vendor is Team Bonding. Check them out! They have great team building activities to consider.

When designing interactive elements for your kickoff event, think about how you can create experiences that will keep attendees engaged – both during the event itself as well as afterwards through social media. Interactive photo booths with props or branded backdrops are always popular, or if you want something more tech-savvy try using an app like Slido which allows attendees to participate in polls or Q&As right from their phones! This also gives them an easy way to share content with their networks after the event has ended. For photobooth vendors, our favorite go-to photographer in the bay area is  Oh Snap! Booth Co.

Image courtesy of Team Bonding

2. Live Entertainment:

One way to keep your attendees engaged is by providing live entertainment throughout the event. Not only does this add excitement, but also keeps energy levels high throughout the day! Depending on your budget and event scope, you could bring in comedians, magicians, musicians — anything that speaks to your company culture and audience! If possible, find local talent so you can support small businesses in your own community.

3. Event Technology:

Technology can be a powerful tool for making sales kickoffs more engaging and interactive. Consider incorporating mobile app for your sales kick off to implement gamification, generate attendees engagement, track session attendance, update attendees about agenda changes, polls, etc. Some of our favorite mobile app platforms are Socio and Aventri (Stova).

Image courtesy of Socio

4. Get creative with your content:

To make your sales kickoffs more engaging, it’s important to make the content itself more interesting and relevant. Consider incorporating storytelling, case studies, or customer testimonials into your presentations to help bring the content to life and make it more meaningful to your team.

5. Focus on the experience:

Finally, it’s important to focus on the overall experience of your sales kickoffs. This includes everything from the venue and décor to the food and drinks. Consider using high-quality production elements, such as lighting, sound, and projection, to enhance the atmosphere and make the event more memorable.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make your sales kickoffs fun and engaging for your team. By incorporating interactive elements, encouraging team building, using technology, getting creative with your content, and focusing on the overall experience, you can create a memorable event that motivates and inspires your sales team.

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