Transform Culture Amp’s regional event brand into a global industry conference that unites culture geeks from around the world.

Culture Amp Success Story Challenge

Event Summary

  • Two days
  • 800+ global attendees
  • 40+ speakers
  • 8 sponsors
  • Evening reception
  • Live entertainment
  • Customer lounges
  • Attendee activations
  • Genius bar
  • Breakout sessions
  • Workshops

Services Delivered

    • Event strategy
    • Project management
    • Budget & expenditure management
    • Event design & implementation
    • Event production
    • Special events
    • Marketing operations
    • Speaker & sessions management
    • Sponsorship & exhibit hall management
    • Event signage
    • Vendor management & payment
    • Venue management
    • On-site staff management
    • Attendee giveaways
    • Food & beverage management
    • Hotel accommodations management
    • Registration management
    • Entertainment procurement & management
    • Post-event reporting & evaluation

Client Wins

  • Two days of active learning that united customers and prospects from around the world with culture experts.
  • Tickets sold out, exceeding registration expectations.
  • Logistics seamlessly scaled up as the number of attendees grew.
  • Culture First was established as a definitive global “culture as competitive advantage” event.

“We most wanted Culture First to be a unique and unexpected experience for attendees where you couldn’t have just slapped someone else’s logo on the board.”

Brad Lande, Culture AmpSVP Global Brand & Marketing
Culture Amp


Portraying effective company culture as an ever-evolving business process that is part art and part science was one of the top priorities at Culture First.

Shiloh worked side-by-side with Culture Amp to transform Pier 27 into an experiential space that embodied this key message.

“I knew the empty cruise terminal could be totally changed and made into whatever you wanted it to be. Our goal was for attendees to walk in and feel completely welcome and immersed.”

Anonymous, Culture AmpTeam Lead Marketing Events
Culture Amp

First, the venue was wrapped – windows, walls and floors – in the painterly shapes and bright colors of the Culture First brand.

Library shelves filled with books divided the space and invoked an atmosphere of learning.

Plants, flowers, and comfortable furnishings in natural materials cultivated a fluid and organic feel.

The resulting environment amplified learning, networking, and thinking about culture in unconventional ways.

From the moment attendees arrived, event flow engaged them in the spirit of embracing diversity and welcoming unique perspectives.

A host of friendly staff greeted attendees, and the Culture First Manifesto wall, a larger than life declaration of the relationship between business culture and success, set the tone for the program to come.

Attendees were challenged to be more open and vulnerable in their networking by adding bright buttons of self-defining adjectives to their lanyards.

They received vouchers to shop at the Culture First swag store.

They created custom snacks at the trail mix bar, met one-on-one with Culture Amp experts at the genius bar, and engaged in many other personalized experiences throughout the event’s two days.

“The environment at Culture First was not so much about how you looked or the clothes you wore, but something deeper.”

Anonymous, Culture AmpEvents Marketing
Culture Amp

The heart of Culture First was in the general session hall where comfortable seating around the semi-circular stage helped attendees relax and engage in the interactive sessions.

Sessions invited every attendee from beginner to expert to analyze the impacts of choices on business culture.

Games, collaborative activities, live q&a, and other challenges encouraged attendees to discuss and test concepts in real-time.

Anonymous Culture Amp

“Shiloh has done a tremendous job understanding what Culture Amp’s objectives are and what it means for us as a company to create this conference. They are professional, timely, and a vendor you can trust.”

Team Lead Marketing Events
Culture Amp