Plan Community and Association Events

Do you need to gather the members of an association or community to cultivate a richer sense of belonging or engage them in a common cause? Get the strategic event expertise you need to rapidly create an impactful community event or association event.

From launching an extraordinary inaugural event to reimagining a long-running member experience, our knowledgeable event professionals will capture your vision and bring you measurable results.

Shiloh’s talented experts unite with you to become your event planning team, fueling your success with the latest strategies, comprehensive project plans, quality service and unparalleled support.

Community and Association Event Services

Shiloh Events offers comprehensive event services for your Community and Association Event. Select the services needed to plan and execute your event.


  • Event Strategy, Design & Execution
  • Event Marketing
  • Attendee Experience
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Event Tech Sourcing & Implementation


  • Project Management
  • Budget Management
  • Venue Management
  • A/V Production Management
  • Post Event Reporting & Analysis


  • Talent & Entertainment Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Speaker & Content Management
  • Registration & Attendee Management
  • Sponsorship & Exhibit Hall Management

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Planning A Community and Association Event With Shiloh

Your Trusted Team For Event Perfection

From creative concept to final reporting, Shiloh unites with you to systematically plan, organize, and execute your community event or association event.

Collaborating closely, we craft your vision into an achievable strategic plan, meticulously attending to each detail. Our event experts establish a foundation that meets every objective, while our logistics team flawlessly executes the event, ensuring a rich and memorable experience for your attendees.

When your event concludes, we thoroughly reflect and report event accomplishments and return on investment in our Shiloh Report, equipping you with all the data you need to share your success with management and start building momentum for your next event.

What Is An Association Event?

An association event is a gathering or meeting organized by an association for its members and other stakeholders. These events serve as an opportunity for the association to bring its members together, provide networking opportunities, and share information and updates on industry trends or association initiatives.

Association events take various forms, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, or trade shows. They often feature keynote speeches, educational sessions, panel discussions, and networking activities. These events are designed to foster a sense of community among association members and promote professional development and knowledge sharing.

In addition to the educational and networking aspects, association events may also include social activities, awards ceremonies, and exhibitions where vendors and sponsors can showcase their products or services to the members.

What Is A Community Event?

A community event is a gathering or activity that brings together residents and business people of a specific area to promote a sense of unity, belonging, and engagement. It may be organized by community members, non-profit organizations, or a company based in an area with the goal of encouraging social interaction, fostering relationships, and creating a positive impact within the community.

Community events can take various forms, such as festivals, fairs, parades, fundraisers, or local initiatives. They often involve a wide range of activities and attractions, including live performances, sports competitions, food vendors, workshops, exhibitions, and games.

These events provide an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to come together, celebrate their shared identity, and strengthen the bonds that tie them to their region.

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