May 3, 2013

San Francisco has always been the focal city of the Bay Area, California. So what better place to celebrate this year’s holiday season than San Francisco, the city with the most popularity and pizzazz?

But why San Francisco, you ask? Simply put: it has a natural way of bringing forth our energy and creativity. In this large city, with many diverse pockets of cultures and movements, it’s easy to produce an original event that all employees, sponsors, donors, and other stakeholders can thoroughly enjoy. San Francisco provides a multitude of venue options, catering styles, creative designers, and strategic event planners, like Shiloh Event Management to create an organic and innovative environment tailored to inspire guests and give them something to rave about.

You’re probably also wondering, why are we talking about end-of-the-year holiday parties when May just barely begun?

Well, according to San Francisco Business Times, there was a big surge of celebrations in the 2012 holiday season. The number of businesses throwing parties skyrocketed and themes have gotten more extravagant. If this trend continues, companies and organizations better start the event planning now, if not already, otherwise the best venues will already be booked!

To help kick start your event planning for fast approaching holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of our top venue choices in San Francisco.

If you are from the SF Bay Area and know a little bit about the event planning industry, then you probably know that the Metreon is one of the most popular event venues in San Francisco. Coming in close to seconds are the Hilton and Marriott Marquis . One of our favorite event that we provided event planning services for, TEDxNASA Silicon Valley, was hosted at the Marriott Marquis.

Besides these popular choices, Shiloh Event Management has put together a list of San Francisco’s top 5 venues to explore for a holiday party. Check out the list below!

San Francisco’s Top 5 Event Venues

The Bently Reserve: This building has been noted to be one of the greatest architectural monuments in the city of San Francisco. Driving up to the entrance of this building will blow your mind. The interior ballrooms are magnificent with or without decor. The environment of the building provides glamorous features where all the rental spaces feel very upscale.

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The W Hotel: If your company is looking for a hotel for their holiday party, look no further than the W Hotel! This elegant hotel is perfect for an event that wants a modern feel. Not to mention that the actual hotel rooms are fabulous too! The great thing about this hotel, located in SF’s SoMa district, is that you could either use the banquet spaces available throughout the hotel, or you could rent the restaurant for a just a spectacular space for your event. Trace is a modern styled eatery that has enough room to hold a large group of guests. Whichever you decide, you will be satisfied

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The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts: This venue is just too spectacular to leave off the list! The Palace of Fine Arts will take your breathe away every time you set eyes on it both inside and out. With an architectural backdrop that is almost too good to be true, you can save on decor since it is already so stunning indoors!

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The Fort Mason Center: There are multiple venues in Fort Mason. We love the Firehouse and the Festival Pavilion. Fort Mason is located in the Presidio area of the city. These venues have an older type of feel to them. Some areas have renovated interior but it still looks very classic. The best parts about Fort Mason venues are the views that they have of the bay. They add a sense of nature to the atmosphere for guests.

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The New Exploratorium of Pier 15: The amazing Exploratorium moved to Pier 15, a warehouse-type building that they have transformed into a spectacular exposition masterpiece. There are multiple spaces that can be rented in the evenings to entertain your guests. Shiloh’s favorite aspect of this venue is the Observatory room with the connecting private patio facing San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, an intimate view of the illuminating Bay Bridge’s light to die for. Your guest will remember an event that takes place here for years to come! Get your event date for this venue soon because Shiloh believes it will become a hotspot for large sized parties very quickly.

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Contact Shiloh for your next corporate or entertainment event and we’ll make sure to choose to right venues for your organization!

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