January 4, 2017


We’ve all experienced the stress of event management. Event managers perform every day under intense pressure to satisfy an endless stream of needs with brilliant solutions at a breakneck pace. It’s no wonder that our industry consistently ranks high among the world’s most stressful. Does this mean all of us who love this exciting occupation are doomed to a future coronary event? Far from it! According to the American Institute of Stress “It’s not the job but the person-environment fit that matters.” Individuals who feel they are in control can learn to thrive in our hectic environment.

Our blog is dedicated to
helping you master control of your events

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned professional managing a global agenda, we’ll share event expertise that equips you to experience a new level of control and peace in event management.

Five valuable reasons to read the Shiloh Events blog.

1. Inform your processes with professional case studies

Team Shiloh always dedicates post-event time to evaluating results and informing future events. Our case studies will bring you glimpses into effective real-world events in action. Learn what works and avoid setting yourself up to fail through our careful analysis of some of our own world-class events.

2. Build background knowledge and skills with best practices

While every event presents unique challenges, every event manager benefits from maintaining a toolkit of systematized solutions to common problems. We’ll be bringing you instruction on core topics such as attendee registration, communication tools, project management, and effective approaches to event planning.

3. Perfect professional expertise with insider tips, and tricks

From exploring client requirements to evaluating final results, we’ll be sharing some of our most effective methods of streamlining your processes and maximizing your impact. We predict even the most seasoned event pros will enjoy our deep dives into topics like attendee engagement, marketing demand generation, hotel contracting, and food and beverage planning.

4. Extend your vision with analysis of industry trends

Our industry is constantly changing and we prioritize identifying the best new trends to integrate into our practices. We’ll arm you with thoughtfully researched perspectives on emerging topics like managing event security, building sustainable events, and succeeding with experiential marketing.

5. Sharpen your skills with insights into event technology

Keeping up with emerging technologies rewards you with increased productivity, enhanced attendee experiences, and even more memorable events. We’ll help you digest the best of what is new and useful in event tech such as housing management, event registration, and the latest mobile apps that attendees will want to use.

Grow the expertise to execute your events with confidence

As an event manager, you can become an expert at performing precisely under pressure with a genuine smile. We’re here to help you find the peace of mind that comes from confidence that your event is perfectly planned and managed to achieve your goals. If you want to grow the expertise and establish the control to execute your events with confidence, follow our insights; ask us questions; and share your experiences with others here at the Shiloh Events blog. Bookmark us on your browser, and let us become your event encyclopedia.

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