• Flawlessly deliver a large scale event in 15 weeks
  • Maximize the impact of a limited budget
  • Enable Totango team to connect in a personal way with a large number of attendees

Event Summary

  • 36 hours
  • 800+ attendees
  • 15 general sessions including 3 executive panels
  • 62 breakout speakers across 5 attendee tracks
  • 11 sponsors
  • VIP track
  • Reception with live band
  • Customer cafe
  • Awards ceremony

Services Delivered

  • Event strategy & consulting
  • Project management
  • Budget & expenditure
  • Venue management
  • Vendor management
  • Event production
  • Event design & implementation
  • Speaker & session management
  • Event on-site branding
  • Event on-site staff management
  • Post event reporting & evaluation

Client Wins

Yield 6% below budget through effective negotiations, efficient processes, and transparent costs

Ignited attendee enthusiasm with a welcoming and intimate atmosphere

Reduced Totango event management team stress with flawless execution

Set the event platform and environment for Totango to enhance attendee connections


“Shiloh Events provided us with the most stress-free conference we’ve ever experienced”

Marketing ManagementTotango

Totango Customer Success Summit

Diving Deeper

Selecting Event Management Services

Totango selected Shiloh Event Management to deliver services for Customer Success Summit 17 (CSSummit17). According to Totango’s Vice President of Global Sales, Shiloh was a perfect fit for Totango. He describes Totango as operating on a tight budget to accomplish great things, and in his words, “Shiloh Events gave us full cost and price transparency in the RFP process and a lower overall cost of services.”


“Shiloh Events gave us full cost and price transparency in the RFP process and a lower overall cost of services.”

Global Vice President

The Plan

Building on a better event management process

Team Shiloh set the stage for CSSummit17 success by on-boarding client decision makers with our customized, collaborative, event management process. Shiloh’s unique process leveraged leading-edge software every step of the way to inform rapid decision making and eliminate the misunderstandings and errors that lead to event stress. From early envisioning of CSSummit17 possibilities to final reporting of event realities, Shiloh equipped client decision makers with full, real-time access to all the data and details of their event.

“Shiloh brought a level of event expertise to the table that helped us make very good decisions.”

Vice President

“Shiloh gave me easy access to everything I needed so when it came time to report to my manager I could quickly pull up exactly the right versions of documents without having to sort through dated material.”

Marketing Management

Making meeting notes matter

With only 15 weeks from start to launch, everyone knew rapid decision making would be critical to event success. One tool Shiloh introduced to accelerate the typical decision making process was collaborative, data-rich meeting minutes.

Event planning meetings generate long to-do lists that require multiple layers of follow-up for each task. Shiloh meeting minutes created a central data repository with an easily trackable line item for each task. Totango staff had full access to view, edit, and update a shared set of data enabling them to quickly track any status, dependencies, owner, and next steps. The entire team could monitor critical tasks and identify roadblocks with no delay for email updates or searching lengthy and unmanageable documents.

Fostering trust through transparency

To deliver big with a limited budget was an imperative for CSSummit17, and informed decision making was the key to helping Totango make the most of every dollar invested in the event. Throughout the engagement, Shiloh Events provided Totango with our signature end-to-end transparency. Totango management could see every vendor charge enabling them to carefully consider what would achieve the greatest impact.

“Shiloh’s transparency played a big part in our decision making, especially from a budget standpoint. They showed us exactly where we were spending the money rather than just getting one big bucket of general production”

Marketing Management

“Shiloh was able to function as an extension of my own team here on site, helping us connect with more people than we would ever have been able to on our own.”

Global Vice President

Creating community from a crowd

One of Totango’s most important goals was to create an opportunity to interact with top prospects in a friendly and intimate environment. Right from the start Shiloh ensured every participant felt welcome. As attendees arrived, event staff delivered friendly greetings, assisted with event app download instructions, connecting to
wi-fi, and locating registration. A generous spread of breakfast encouraged groups to gather around large dining tables to kick off new connections.

The event app buzzed with activity as Totango staff and sponsors reached out to strike up discussion with attendees. Relationship-building continued throughout the event, facilitated by inviting gathering spaces such as the dedicated Customer Success Cafe.

Roaming reporters invited attendees to discuss hot topics and share favorite sessions for social media. Totango’s CEO brought his own authenticity to the event playing the general reception with his live band, and the event was capped off with a customer awards presentation recognizing individual attendee achievements.


Deeper customer and prospect connections and inspiration for a growing industry

The customer success industry is all about teaching businesses how to align companies around the customer. Working together, Totango and Shiloh Events delivered on the promise of customer success for attendees at CSSummit17. The whole event was characterized by a customer success approach, with staff listening to attendees, being present, and understanding goals to help all achieve their purposes. Top prospects got a vision of the customer success model, and Totango successfully laid the groundwork to drive their business forward throughout the coming year.


“I absolutely recommend Shiloh Events! It’s an awesome team that really knows how to run events and exceed customer expectations.”

Vice President of Marketing