Event Overview


Event Type
Annual User Conference

100% virtual


  • 11,000+ Registered attendees
  • 2 Conference days
  • 3 Training days
  • 60+ Breakout sessions
  • $100,000 Hackathon
  • Exclusive CAB event


  • Conference growth
  • Increase from target geos
  • Increase target attendee types

RedisConf 2021, Redis Labs all-virtual user conference, featured keynotes, breakout sessions, and training classes. With 25% of sessions presented by customers, the event showcased projects, expertise and best practices from across the Redis community. Over 11,000 Redis Labs community members registered to attend a variety of sessions and learn about real-world use cases.

Attendees experienced the latest product developments, received hands-on training, networked virtually with other Redis pros, and showed off their skills by participating in the $100,000 hackathon. A special invitation-only CAB event rewarded loyal customers and offered a unique, interactive forum for deep discussion of product use and best practices.

“This year’s RedisConf scaled to incredible heights and was the best ever! Shiloh Events played a huge role in our success. They were incredible partners, handled pressure with class, and showed a “bend not break” mentality when things got tough. Onwards to next year!”

Chief Marketing Officer
Redis Labs

Redis Conf 2021 was hosted on a custom build of the Strata event platform.

Custom networking spaces enabled real-time text, audio and video interaction throughout the conference.

Keynotes were delivered with broadcast-quality a/v and graphics.

John Furrier from theCUBE held live interviews with keynote speakers each day.

Services Delivered

  • Event strategy
  • Project management
  • Budget & expenditures management
  • Event production management
  • Speaker management
  • Content management
  • Creative & graphics management
  • Sponsor management
  • Special event management
  • Event day support
  • Post-event reporting & analysis