October 29, 2020

Virtual event program breaks with entertainment, games, and wellness activities refresh attendee focus for the next content-heavy session.

In a Zoom-filled world we all know how back-to-back online meetings curb enthusiasm, sap focus, and drain energy. Virtual event attendees need brain breaks – opportunities to re-energize and renew focus between content-heavy sessions. When you build your next virtual event agenda, intersperse learning sessions with other experiences to stimulate and recharge attendees. Including some fun activities and lively entertainment will keep attendees engaged longer, and enhance their overall experience.

Shiloh recently hosted  some of today’s favorite virtual activity guides to explore:

  • How to integrate activities into a virtual event agenda to boost engagement
  • An interactive sampling of many popular engagement activities
  • Answers to common planner questions about virtual activities

Watch the full video to learn more, then check out our experts’ responses to all the audience Q&A we didn’t have time to get to in our live show.

Guest Speakers

Jon Casey

Jon Casey is an artist, entertainer and founder of Cartoon Guru.


Ollie Southgate

Ollie Southgate is the founder of  Virtual Game Night, the live Zoom game show experience where anyone can play. 


City Brews

Chad Brodsky is a Certified Cicerone and the founder and CEO of City Brew Tours, the leading curator of in-person and virtual craft beer experiences throughout North America. 


Gary Ferrar

Gary Ferrar From national television appearances on NBC, Fox News, and USA, to performing for celebrities such as Tom Brokaw, Howard Stern, and Robert De Niro, Gary has been wowing audiences in-person for over a decade.


Patrick hamilton

Patrick Hamilton is a senior event planner with Foxtail Catering & Events, creating home-delivered, curated specialty appetizer boxes and meal kits for virtual meetings, conferences, and happy hours.   


In addition to the questions answered in our live event, planners who attended wanted to know:

How do virtual attendees request caricatures?

“We have done this multiple ways, the most successful has been to have guests sign up through the client that hires us for a time slot with one of our artists. There could be one artist or up to 15. Another option is for the event host to send us attendee photos in advance or take screen shots during the event to draw from. These can be given to people before, during or after the event.The last option, for smaller groups only, would be to have people draw first come first served and wait for their opportunity. We are open to other ways of doing it if you have an idea that will work!”

Are caricatures available as digital files?

Yes, you receive a digital file for everyone in your group. We see lots of creative output from these files such as group compilations and printed art.

Can photos be sent pre-event to surprise guests with caricatures? 

Yes, we often get requests to draw guests from photos in advance. 


How many people can you draw in an hour?

That depends on the type of output you want. Full color takes about six to eight minutes per person while a simple black and white sketch can be done in just a few minutes. We are able to scale up to any event size by adding artists and often do very large events.


What is the minimum box order from Foxtail?

Generally we have a 15 box minimum, but we also off an “anytime anywhere” box that we can do for any count, it just doesn’t offer as many customization options.

Where can Foxtail deliver boxes to?Do you work with local food suppliers or just your California-based suppliers?

Foxtail is currently shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada. We like to work with local suppliers and are open to partnering with new suppliers if a client has a food company they really want to include.

Does Foxtail do holiday-specific boxes?

Yes, we have a “New Year New Me” theme box coming up that we’re excited about and also an anti-valentines day box. 

Can you include brand messages in the magic show?

Yes, there are multiple ways to include branding both pre show and with in the show by integrating different elements that keep the focus on message.

Does City Brew Tours do international audiences? 

We cannot ship alcohol international because customs are very tricky. We do provide “buy your own” lists and a tour guide for international audiences however. We send the curated list of items to purchase. Your guests purchase their own items and our guide will lead the tasting and educational tour.

What are minimum and maximum order sizes for City Brew Tours’ boxes? 

We have a minimum order of ten people and have done events of up to 500 guests.

Does Virtual Game Night customize questions for each audience?

Yes, the questions we use are fully customizable.

Does Virtual Game Night offer a Pictionary version of their game?

Yes, we can do rounds with pictures and with video.

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