August 24, 2023

Wondering if you should consult with an event pro when planning an online event? Here are some of the top reasons to say yes.


Virtual events can be incredibly rewarding for both organizations and attendees. Organizations reach a larger audience with their message at a lower cost per person. Attendees enjoy a convenient and flexible experience. Just as these benefits of online events are diferent from in-person, many of the planning strategies and tasks are unique. For organizations new to virtual events, this frequently means overcoming unfamiliar and often unanticipated challenges.

Enlisting the help of a virtual event planning pro will power up your team with a depth of planning knowledge that only experience can deliver. If you need to ensure a virtual event pleases attendees and meets business goals, then you will benefit from the proven strategies and best practices a professional event planning company like Shiloh delivers.

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Project planning and management

An event expert is adept at integrating with your team and operational preferences while introducing you to best practices that will enhance planning productivity and success. At Shiloh  a dedicated event lead gets to know every aspect of your event from inception to final reporting. 

Starting with a kick-off meeting we listen to your event goals and help translate them into an executable vision that unfolds over a regular cadence of weekly meetings and daily communications. Shiloh experts work with you to develop a comprehensive project plan, budget, and timeline. At each regular meeting we communicate exactly what needs to be accomplished that week and who will be working on it. Throughout the project we gather your input and share creative ideas and solutions you can choose from for every event element.

Developing an online strategy

The best practices planners follow to achieve in-person event goals don’t automatically translate online. Consulting a virtual event pro when framing your online strategy bridges knowledge gaps so you have confidence in your program. 

Your best online event agenda may include fewer hours per day but span more days than your typical in-person event agenda. Program sessions delivered online may need to be shorter than in-person.  Some sessions may be better suited for pre-recorded versus live delivery. Elements such as multiple time zones, different access platforms, and other online audience differences add complexity that needs to be addressed in the planning process. Your Shiloh Event’s team works with you to identify all the unique considerations of your event and strategically plan for them. 

Choosing the right event tech

The market for virtual event platforms has exploded in 2020 and suddenly everyone in the event tech space has an offering. At first glance there are many similarities. It’s hard for the uninitiated to know where to start, and time consuming to learn how to research platforms and find a solution that matches event requirements. 

At Shiloh our virtual event pros know who’s who in event platforms and can provide you with an unbiased perspective on which platforms will work best for your event needs. We know which platforms are being used with success and which vendors you can count on to offer great support. We can also warn you away from vendors known to overpromise/underdeliver.

Your Shiloh Events’ pro will assess the platform features you need to deliver your program and introduce you to a custom selected group of platforms that meet your needs.  We’ll provide you with independent analysis of the pros and cons of each platform for hosting your program. Once you make your selection, we’ll help you manage the platform vendor to get your event up and running.

Preparing and managing remote speakers

Developing a solid plan for remote speakers that ensures both speakers and their content are ready for success on event day may be one of the most underestimated and time-intensive elements of preparing for an online event. Often because in-person event planners don’t realize what they don’t know until it’s too late.

Getting remote speakers ready to present online spans production planning, speaker coaching, environment checks, technical training, timeline planning, building and sending speaker kits, and more. If you don’t have dedicated staff with the knowledge and experience to coach remote speakers through everything from setting up lighting in their home office to solving their Internet issues, hiring an event expert like Shiloh to help is a must do.

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Managing content and production

Another area where organizers benefit from consulting a virtual event expert is planning for online event production. When there is no physical venue or stage it can be easy for an organizer to overlook production complexities. This creates high stress in the final days leading up to an event with teams left scrambling to find last minute solutions for unanticipated needs. 

At Shiloh our online event production planning experts set you up for a smooth program with services such as:

  • Anticipating & sourcing production staff and equipment 
  • Estimating budget requirements 
  • Establishing a timeline that prepares your team to execute without stress
  • Managing content recording, video editing, livestream graphics & branding
  • Managing uploads of content to the event platform
  • Building your run of show for event day livestream
  • Planning & managing rehearsals
  • Overseeing event day production so everything executes according to plan

Planning for attendee engagement

Many “virtual events” we’re seeing today feel like one is attending back-to-back webinars. While webinars are a valuable piece of an event planner’s toolkit, designing a brand experience that keeps attendees engaged takes more than scheduling multiple  presenters on a video feed and asking your community to watch.

At in-person events, attendee experience is foremost in a planner’s thoughts. Your online event should be no exception. A virtual event pro helps you identify and incorporate effective engagements that will please your online audience and reduce the temptation to tune out. From ensuring attendees know how to access the event platform to bringing in fun interactions and activities at just the right moments, our Shiloh event experts can show you which touch points matter most and identify engagements your audience will love.


Executing on event day

A virtual event day can be every bit as demanding for an event organizer as an in-person  event day. From checking in speakers and advising production on the run of show to answering questions about how to navigate in-platform, a virtual event expert can free you from worrying about the details of event day management so you can focus on interacting with attendees and enjoying your event. 

At Shiloh our experts help you identify all the critical roles that need to be filled by staff on your event day. We’ll help you train and manage your team on event day. With Shiloh on your event day team, you are free to focus on what matters most to you or just enjoy the show. 

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